Today, Kids Riding Bikes® is off and biking at Guion Creek Middle School in Pike Township built by Arbor Homes. We’ve been delivering our renowned bicycle program to the school for the past two Wednesdays and will wrap up our 4-week programming next week. We’ve had a presence in Pike Township Schools since 2014 and we couldn’t be thrilled to continue to build on our growing and thriving relationship with the administration and students. 


These are just eight of the upward of 175 youth that have worked to improve their health and wellness on our bikes!

We’ve been working with the 6th grade class at Guion Creek to help them understand and recognize the numerous benefits the bicycle can bring them. From improving their self-esteem to demonstrating how convenient the bicycle is for transportation, and everything in between, the intrinsic rewards of bicycling are on full display to the students at Guion Creek. Further, we reveled in the chance to engage all of the students and give them a unified and collective goal of completing each course. Success and triumph is sweet, however, it’s even sweeter when you know you’ve worked as a team and encouraged your fellow classmate to conquer each course. 

The opportunity to deliver our programming to the students at Guion Creek is a direct correlation to our partnership with Arbor Homes and the philanthropic vision and leadership they embody. You’ve been a proud supporter of Kids Riding Bikes for the past several years and this has allowed us to get thousands of kids in Pike Township and all across Central Indiana on two wheels. For that, we thank you deeply.