Kids Riding Bikes at Indianapolis Public Schools Meredith Nicholson School 96 wraps up today after three incredibly successful and joyful days of programming. Our staff was fortunate enough to work with all of the K-6 students at the school and get them engaged on our bicycle simulators. This means that the upwards of 400 youth at the school were all educated on the countless benefits the bicycle and physical fitness offers them, connected with their respective classmates to collectively finish each course as a team, and recognized the significance of life skills such as hard work, determination, goal setting, and perseverance, among others.

This is just one of several IPS schools we’ve served over the course of the past several years in light of our partnership with the Central Indiana Community Foundation. The team at the Foundation have been game-changers in getting more kids on two wheels right here in Central Indiana. In the simplest of terms, CICF has been a leading force for good in our city and exist to make Central Indiana a better place, every day. Our partnership with them grants us the opportunity each year to fulfill the Foundation’s initiatives by working with thousands of incredible youth and creating unforgettable moments that not only the students, but our staff as well, will never forget.