Kids Riding Bikes at Indianapolis Public Schools William Penn School 49 concluded on Friday after a incredibly successful week of programming! In addition to learning how imperative exercise and fitness is for their overall well-being, the students were educated on the significance of wearing a helmet while riding their bicycle and how the bicycle can be used as a viable mode of transportation around our growing and thriving city.

The youth we served at 49 were beyond excited to hop on and get going on our bikes; fewer moments moves our staff more than seeing the genuine enjoyment and happiness of the students to get engaged on our bicycle simulators.

The upwards of 600 students who participated in our programming did it all while being extremely well-behaved, encouraged their classmates to give their best effort possible, and finished every course that they were presented with. Furthermore, the staff at the school was very friendly and their hospitality made us feel right at home. You made our experience at the school incredibly memorable and we thank you for that!

Kids Riding Bikes in full effect last week at William Penn!

The opportunity to deliver Kids Riding Bikes to William Penn, in addition to having a meaningful and authentic influence on thousands of IPS students each year, wouldn’t be possible without the generous support from the Central Indiana Community Foundation. Thank you so much for everything you do for Kids Riding Bikes and Nine13sports!