Yesterday, we finished up our 6-week Kids Riding Bikes programming at IPS/Butler Laboratory School 60. Although our traditional programming is 4 weeks long, because of the schools rotating schedule we sought to do 6 weeks to make certain that each student was on our bikes at least twice. Over the 6-week period, we furthered the knowledge that the bicycle offers to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders at the school. Additionally, the students were able to connect individually with their classmates while on our bikes during the program, all while gaining a better understanding of how important health and wellness is for them in life.

Butler Lab School 2

Being able to connect with their classmates is just one of the things the students love about our bikes.

Butler Lab School 3

Nothing is more rewarding and gratifying than seeing the genuine enjoyment of students while they’re on our bikes.

Collectively, the students that rode our bikes during the program accumulated a total of 261.3 miles. Not only did they pedal this impressive and lengthy distance, they did it all while being extremely well-behaved, encouraging their classmates to give their best effort possible, and finishing every course that they were presented with. Furthermore, the staff at the school was very friendly and their hospitality made us feel right at home. You made our experience at the school incredibly memorable and we’ll hold these memories with us for a long time!

The opportunity for these students to advance their knowledge of health, fitness, and exercise and how important it is for their overall well-being is because of the tremendous leadership at The Indianapolis Foundation and the Central Indiana Community Foundation. Experiences such as these play a fundamental role in the development of our youth and we’re so appreciative that you gave us the chance to work with these students!