During any typical work week, my Nine13sports counterparts and I engage anywhere between 500 to 800 students during our Kids Riding Bikes® programming. While any casual observer might believe that all we’re doing is getting kids on bikes and that’s the end of it, I know that the rest of my Nine13sports team would attest with me that it’s much deeper and more profound than that.

Teamwork is just one of the many life skills that’s being promoted by the Nine13sports staff.

For example, let me delve into moments that I see on a daily basis to highlight how kids riding bikes is more than simply kids riding bikes – on any given day, I see kids lifting each other up to give their best effort, to conquer each uphill, and to never give up; Goals are being reached and arms are being raised into the air representing skills of determination and triumph; High-fives are being given between students and staff members exemplifying teamwork and social bonding; Smiles are being displayed and unforgettable moments are being created; and, lastly, kids are recognizing that exercise is a fundamental principle to their overall health and well-being.

I believe there’s a misconception among our youth, and the general public as a whole for that matter, that exercise and leading a physically active lifestyle is tedious and contains no real value. Our team at Nine13sports revels in the chance to showcase to our youth that exercise can be fun and rewarding. You don’t have to develop a rigorous workout plan and stick to it be considered living a physically active lifestyle. You can simply hop on your bicycle and leisurely ride through your neighborhood or to meet up with your friends. Moreover, we enjoy the commentary after the kids finish our programming which includes improved alertness, increased energy, and a boost in their overall self-esteem.

Kids riding bikes will never just be kids riding bikes. It’s about community. It’s about working hard. It’s about reaching your goals. It’s about believing in your dreams and believing in each other. One pedal stroke at a time.