Kids Riding Bikes kicked off the 2017 school year at Indianapolis Public Schools Clarence Farrington School 61 yesterday. Our staff will be working with upwards of 250 elementary school students at the school over the next four weeks as we focus on educating the students on all of the endless benefits of the bicycle and physical fitness. 

This isn’t our first time at School 61; we delivered our programming there in September of 2015 as well. It was exciting to see and engage with a number of students that we saw the last time we were at the school, in addition to getting new students on our bikes. 

Our CEO, Tom Hanley, asking how many of the students have a bike at home that they ride. Look how many hands are up!

Furthermore, it was a memorable day for our organization as we debuted our Sprinter for the first time. This vehicle will help us support expanded efforts in Central Indiana and will serve an additional 7,500 youth per year. It only made sense that we roll it out serving students at Indianapolis Public Schools, a proud partner of ours since the early days of Nine13sports. The school district has made a fundamental impact on our overall growth and success in Central Indiana. 

Lastly, a big thank you to the Indianapolis Foundation and the CICF for your generous support of our Kids Riding Bikes programming and being a steward for positivity in our community. Needless to say, our overall growth, progression, and the lasting impact we’ve made on the Indianapolis and Central Indiana community would’ve been much more challenging if our relationship with Indianapolis Public Schools and the Foundation didn’t exist.