Nine13sports is serving a new school this week as we’re getting our Kids Riding Bikes® programming at SENSE Charter School in Fountain Square. SENSE Charter School is a community school whose goal is to enrich and empower the lives of members of the Fountain Square area. It’s been our pleasure to enrich and empower the students of SENSE by providing them the opportunity to engage on our bicycle simulators and discover the numerous joys and benefits that the bicycle presents to them.


Students working up a sweat on our bikes this morning. They were moving!

We’ve been working with students from Kindergarten up to 8th grade and it’s been exciting to watch the youth excel and prosper on our bikes. Many of the students have mentioned that they’ve participated in our Kids Riding Bikes programming before, whether it’s at a previous school or the Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis. Moreover, they refer to how much fun they had riding our bikes and how excited they are to have the chance to ride them again.

In addition to the excitement from the students, the staff has been just as warm and enthusiastic about our presence at the school. It’s been a great week so far and we can’t wait to continue to get more kids moving and active for the rest of the week. A big shout out to the LIDS Foundation, Inc. for collectively working with us to engage our youth to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle and to promote leadership and growth opportunities! Thank you all that you do for us at Nine13sports!