Nine13sports was busy this week as more than 450 elementary school students at Thomas D. Gregg School 15 engaged on our bicycle simulators and worked to improve their health and wellness. This was our first time serving the students at School 15 and it’s been nothing but a joy and pleasure for our staff.


This was one of the many students that accomplished their goals during Kids Riding Bikes this week!

Our staff served youth in grades K – 6 this week as we worked to inspire and motivate them during our Kids Riding Bikes® programming. In addition to individual enhancement of health and wellness, the students were able to connect and bond with their classmates all while discovering the benefits and joys the bicycle presents to them. Furthermore, the students developed their self-confidence and team building skills during their time on our bikes.

Safe to say, it’s been a productive and successful week serving our friends at Indianapolis Public Schools. Our relationship continues to grow and thrive and one of the reasons for this is thanks to the generosity and vision of the Indianapolis Foundation and the CICF. Your commitment to be a leading force for good in our city has and will continue to make a difference on thousands of youth in Central Indiana!