Our Kids Riding Bikes programming at Avon Middle School North comes to a close today after four successful and invaluable weeks of getting 7th & 8th grade classes engaged in our unique and innovative bicycle simulator program. We were fortunate to get 375 7th grade students and 231 8th grade students moving on our bikes during the month-long stretch that we served the school. This has been a reoccurring school site of ours since our partnership with Hendricks Regional Health came to fruition in October of 2015.

A few of the students had been on our bikes before, however, the majority of the students were not familiar with our program. The opportunity to interface with students we had worked with previously, in addition to getting new students on our bikes was a great mix for our staff. The students were all incredibly well-behaved, excited to get moving on our bikes, and never shied away from motivating their fellow classmates while riding.

This was one of the many fast groups we had at Avon Middle School North!

It was our privilege to work with the students and staff members of Avon Middle School North. The staff is always tremendously hospitable towards us from the moment we walk in the front door all the way until the last group finishes our programming. We owe the school many thanks for continuing to welcome us with open arms every time we’re in their building!

We want to thank our partner and friends at Hendricks Regional Health for the chance to enlighten these youth on all of the ways the bicycle and living a physically fit lifestyle can lead to a higher quality of life. We’re excited to continue serving the youth of Hendricks County in 2017 and symbolizing how much positivity and lifelong skills are programming is instilling in thousands of youth throughout the county!