To conclude our spring internship program, we’re asking our interns to write about one particular topic or discovery they made while working at Nine13sports. Today, Andrew Lovall, interning with us this semester from the University of Indinaapolis, has tackled the assignment:

As my time at Nine13 comes to a close, I have taken some time to reflect on what I have learned this semester. There are many things that I have learned and will take with me as I transfer into the work force. The thing that I will take away most is that if I have a dream, I should never stop trying to make it a reality.

If Tom Hanley has taught me anything, it is that things happen to you in life, good and bad, and you just have to keep moving forward. I could maybe just bring bad luck to Tom because since I have been here he has been robbed (twice), and has faced more difficult times in his personal life. Tom never stopped working despite all of this going on. It’s a part of life I suppose, but it takes a lot to do that. Much like the coaster brakes on the bikes that he uses, Tom knows he can not go backwards, but only forwards.

Andrew Final Blog

Coach Andrew explaining our team building program to Brownsburg students earlier this year. Andrew learned that you have to keep moving forward in life, no matter what it throws at you during his time with us.

Also, Tom has had this dream of building Nine13 since 2012. Knowing that he used to go to schools and other sites by himself with less equipment he has now really puts it into perspective for me. Tom had a dream and a vision for the company, and now the company has seen great success since I have been working here (maybe I am not so bad after all). Getting additional grants and the possibility of starting more teams in Central Indiana, and also expanding across the United States is huge for the business. I am happy to have been a part of this growing business the last 15 weeks.

To wrap up this blog I just want to say thank you to Nine13 for allowing me to be a part of this business for the short time that I was. I will take many things away from this experience: countless memories, becoming a coffee drinker, and I will always remember that if I have a dream, I can not be scared to chase it despite what happens in my life.