Nine 13 Sports Letter of Review PDF

Guion Creek Middle School – Home of the Jaguars

4401 W. 52nd Street; Indianapolis

MSD Pike Township

November 29, 2014

Mr. Tom Hanley –

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I was thrilled at the success and great impact that the Nine 13 Sports program, Kids Riding Bikes, had on my sixth graders here at GCMS! Thank you so much for giving me the honor of hosting this in Pike Township.

The Computrainer system was very motivating as they were able to see how well they were progressing on the multi-trak within their group. They knew that when they got on the bikes that they were in for a workout, but the visual on the screen gave them a goal each time. Their pedometer steps doubled, and maintained their target heart rates in a fun and exciting fitness activity.

The intrinsic rewards of the program were evident. It made them feel good about themselves and in the light of others. Additionally, it helped them encourage each other too … out loud!

Lastly, a testimonial to the motivating factors of your program: I had a girl, who is not very fond of school and who can get herself in a bit of trouble and who I wouldn’t normally allow out of class, beg me to let her go get her tennis shoes out of her locker so that she could ride that day. That says a lot.

So, Tom, thank you so much, again, for letting me host your successful Nine 13 Sports program. Not only did you show every class period how much you valued the importance of your program, but how much you cared for my students.

Please come back anytime!


Ms. Jane E. Seevers – GCMS Health & PE Instructor