Nine13sports to Partner with Freewheelin’ Community Bikes

Indianapolis, IN ─ July 9, 2012 ─ Nine13sports and Freewheelin’ Community Bikes announced today that they are collaborating in order to create greater opportunities for the youth participating in their organizations.  This partnership is an extension of the relationship forged last month between Nine13sports and the Indy Criterium, which puts on the annual cycling race and festival as a fundraiser for Freewheelin’ Community Bikes.

Tom Hanley, Business Director for Nine13sports, said, “Freewheelin’ has a great history of connecting the Indianapolis community with bicycling.  Our organization believes that an alliance with Freewheelin’ allows the integration of thousands of youth worked with annually into the established programs of each nonprofit organization.  This unified effort expands the opportunities for the youth in Central Indiana, and allows us to grow our bicycling advocacy through the efforts perfected by Freewheelin’.  Both Nine13sports and Freewheelin’ prefer to seek out and play a mutually supporting role to other organizations having similar community focus and passion.”

The arrangement between these organizations will be multi-faceted and designed to allow evolution as both organizations continue to grow.  When children’s interest in bicycling flourishes through their participation in the programs of Nine13sports, they will be directed to Freewheelin’s established youth enrichment activities.  These exceptional enrichment activities include the “Earn-a-Bike” program which allows a child to learn how to fix a bicycle and eventually earn their own bicycle.  There is also the program “Explore Indy!” which establishes local rides designed to build community awareness while having fun.  For the youth, in either organization, who truly find a passion for cycling, there is the Ultimate Freewheelin’ program – a fun and personally challenging bike trip of at least one week and upwards of 250 miles, where kids, plan, lead, camp, cook and learn the art of working together as a team along the way.

In addition to encouraging the students who want to learn more about bicycling to become actively involved with Freewheelin’, Nine13sports will provide their “Event Traks” program to Freewheelin’ throughout the winter months.  This program allows the youth to ride indoors on stationary bicycles with exciting program modules when the weather does not allow for exercise outdoors.

Nancy Stimson, Executive Director for Freewheelin’, commented, “Our goal at Freewheelin’ is to use bicycles to bring out the best in people within the community.  We do that every day in a variety of ways, and the visions of both organizations, along with the framework each has already laid, only serves to better the youth community, local bicycling awareness, cycling advocacy, and ultimately community growth through the bicycle right here in Indianapolis.”

About Nine13sports:

Indy Velo (dba Nine13sports) is a Central Indiana 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes health, wellness, and exercise for local youth between the ages of 8 and 18, using bicycling as the gateway. We have created a unique program in which we have integrated the traditional bicycle with technology to provide a turnkey product for youth programs, schools and other community organizations at no cost to them. In addition to individual betterment of health and fitness, our programs promote community, teamwork and mutual respect for one another. Our vision is to use the art and sport of cycling to teach and positively influence our participants and leave a lasting impact.  For additional information please visit or email

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