Nine13 Logistics® is a division of Nine13sports that excels in organizing and implementing complex operations. Nine13sports is a organization serving the community through a variety of mobile based youth education programs across central Indiana that require the coordination of numerous staff, vehicles and equipment on a daily basis. Since 2019, we’ve taken this expertise and applied it across different business sectors resulting in increased effectiveness, higher efficiency and improved levels of customer service for our clients.

In addition to the transport and delivery of goods, we also specialize in collaborating with our partners to solve operational problems and executing the complex plans created to solve them.

Proceeds from this work are reinvested into growing the reach of our youth programming.

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About Nine13 Logistics

Nine13 Logistics is a division of Nine13sports and excels in organizing and implementing complex operations for our community focused Indianapolis area customers. Profits generated by Nine13 Logistics fund the impactful educational youth programming that Nine13sports conducts throughout central Indiana. We have a track record of delivering effective solutions for our customers that increase efficiency and exceed their customer service standards.

Position Summary

As a Nine13 Logistics delivery assistant, you will be teamed up with a staff member each day to deliver food boxes throughout Marion county. Some delivery days you will be taking individual boxes of food directly to residential addresses and other days you will assist with transporting pallets of food boxes to the various community centers we support.

Home delivery teams are provided with a route each morning and operate in an efficient manner, with all stops scheduled to be made between the hours of 8am and 4pm. To keep our staff as safe as possible, we have created procedures to make these deliveries in a ‘no contact’ manner.

Community Center delivery routes are known a few days ahead of time and delivery locations are repeated week after week. Deliveries of pallets to community centers are considered ‘low contact’ as we typically have a socially distanced interaction with one of the delivery location staff.

This is a very physical job. This position requires stepping in and out of vans, carrying boxes of varying weight, carrying boxes up and down stairs, and moving heavy pallets of food out of a box truck using a lift gate and pallet jack.

This job provides an opportunity to serve your community while providing steady hourly income (guaranteed a minimum of 30 hours a week).

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