Part of our internship program involves each intern writing a weekly blog about whatever topic they’ve learned or discovered. This week, Andrew Lovall, interning with us this semester from the University of Indianapolis, has tackled the blog:

Working at Nine13sports is not the first time I have worked with kids. I had another part time job in my past where I worked with young kids. Working with kids has its challenges, such as being outnumbered, getting them to listen, and getting all of them to love whatever activity you want them to do. On the flip side there are many great things about working with kids.

Andrew Blog 3

One of Andrew’s favorite parts about working with kids is the genuine joy they experience while riding our bikes.

Kids are tricky to work with, but ultimately more enjoyable than working with adults. Kids are high energy almost all of the time. I know that I am not even that old, but I am even amazed how much energy kids have. I think energy is something that can almost be transferred from person to person. I sometimes feel like I feed off of the kids’ energy and it puts me in a more positive mood. Another great thing about working with kids is that they are very honest and blunt. They always let you know what is on their mind, and their opinion on everything. You can not joke around with kids because they know when you’re full of bologna or if you’re telling the truth. With all that being said I think the best thing about working with kids is that they have a genuine joy experiencing new things. I think sometimes us “old folks” get a little too set in our ways, and lack a little imagination, or are unwilling to try new things. Kids will always tackle anything put in front of them, new, old, easy, or difficult. That to me is why I enjoy to work with kids.