Why We Do It


The bicycle is a celebrated part of childhood for most people, and for many it continues to be a favorite recreation and sport well into adulthood.  It is astonishing, therefore, to consider that this familiar rite of passage is not an equal experience shared in our country.  Like illiteracy, there can be shame and embarrassment among those who have never ridden a bicycle, or have forgotten how to ride, because of the widely held assumption that everyone knows how to ride a bike.

The following plan describes the need for, and design and development of, a new nonprofit organization in Indianapolis, Indiana — Nine13sports.  This unique organization offers a fresh approach in bicycle education and community partnerships.  It is the goal of Nine13sports to narrow the gap between the “haves” and “have-nots” in bicycle experience, beginning with children, to encourage and teach the multi-faceted benefits this remarkable activity provides.


To fully engage the opportunities of bicycling for multi-faceted teaching youth; to promote the overall development and well-being of the youth with whom we are privileged to interact; to promote youth respect, advocacy and involvement in their community; and to be responsible stewards of the funds entrusted by benefactors.


To use the art of the bicycle to teach and positively influence youth.


  • All children must have the opportunity for a successful start in education and sport regardless of socioeconomic factors, such as age, race, gender, family composition, income or community;
  • Organization leadership and employees must diligently act with prudence and integrity to always be above reproach and impropriety;
  • Program goals and objectives must frequently be reviewed and refreshed to ensure they are being attained and remain in sync with the needs of the community and its youth; and
  • The “bottom-line” is a key performance indicator to a well-managed organization, whether nonprofit or for-profit.



  1. Establish a nonprofit organization committed to attaining financial stability through its diligent pursuit and procurement of traditional sources of nonprofit funding, which include civic, corporate and private contributions and grants;
  2. Create a familiar brand image that prominently identifies Nine13sports as the organization which develops and empowers youth through the simple tool of a bicycle;
  3. Deliver exceptional, cutting-edge youth programming as a turnkey operation for schools, public facilities, and community centers;
  4. Provide an array of bicycling development programs to the disadvantaged youth, ages 5 to 18, that create opportunities for multi-contact interaction and relationship building;
  5. Design the fundamental principles of youth programming to focus on the promotion of health and wellness; demonstrate and reinforce math, science and history knowledge through the parallels existing in bicycling; nurture self-confidence, discipline, commitment, perseverance, teamwork, sportsmanship, camaraderie, goal setting and achievement; instill and foster the importance of civic responsibility; and
  6. Create distinct opportunities for educational and career pathways through the framework of bicycling.