That’s right, we’ve teamed up with the coolest clothing in Indiana, United State of Indiana, to create a bicycle themed t-shirt in their usual drooling, casual, classy style and appeal.





You’re going to buy this shirt, because, lets face it…it’s the most rock star thing to launch since Nine13sports or United State of Indiana claimed Indy as our hometowns and launched our respective efforts.

But that’s not the coolest part–the best part is ALL of the proceeds from this shirt sale will benefit Nine13sports as long as we’re in Brackets for Good.  After we exit Brackets for Good, we’ll be receiving a portion of the proceeds from the shirt sale as long as it’s available.  Seriously, how awesome is that?  This is a first for Nine13 and for United State of Indiana and we’re excited to be piloting this effort together.

So, get out that wallet, support local and buy it TODAY:

As long as we’re in Brackets for Good, the proceeds going to Nine13sports from these shirt sales will be deposited into our Brackets for Good account.  We’ve made it easy to help support Nine13, buy this awesome shirt and help us out.

Huge thanks to Graham at United State of Indiana for the design work and desire to help us out, and a huge thanks to the Speak Easy for having a welcoming and collaborative atmosphere that brought two members together for this effort.