Nine13sports Acquires ActiveIndy Tours, LLC – Expands ExploreIndy Bicycling Programs

Indianapolis – Nine13sports, a local youth education non-profit, has acquired ActiveIndy Tours to expand their ExploreIndy bicycling program.  Founded in 2012 by hospitality industry veteran Nathan Smurdon, ActiveIndy Tours offers daily, guided bicycle tours of Indianapolis to visitors, local residents and corporations that utilize them for unique team building events and attracting prospective employees looking to relocate to the city.

Nine13sports conducts engaging, youth-focused bicycling programs for K-12 students.  While their Kids Riding Bikes program conducted in schools during the school day will continue to be their flagship offering serving over 50,000 students in over 100 central Indiana schools each year, over the past 12 months they have launched additional bicycle education programs including Kids Building Bikes and Kids Riding Bikes – ExploreIndy. 

As part of the ExploreIndy program, ActiveIndy Tours will continue to offer publicly available bicycle tours to individuals and groups with all proceeds going to support Nine13sports operations.

“ActiveIndy Tours established themselves as the leading bicycle tour company in the city and with this acquisition we will benefit from both the incremental revenue as well as the additional awareness they create for the work we do with kids throughout central Indiana,” said Nine13sports CEO Tom Hanley.

“For the past 4 years ActiveIndy Tours has partnered with Nine13sports to provide unique outings for students that combine casually paced bicycle rides through downtown Indianapolis on trails & greenways with short storytelling stops where they learn about the history of the city.  While we will continue to offer these nationally recognized tour experiences for adults, we’re thrilled to become part of the Nine13sports brand family to further their mission of educating kids by using the bicycle as our tool to do so,” added ActiveIndy Tours CEO Nathan Smurdon.

The acquisition goes into effect June 1, 2019 and reservations for the daily bicycle tours can be made at  Private group tour bookings can be made by contacting Nine13sports directly at

About Nine13sports:  Nine13sports is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that conducts engaging, youth-focused bicycling programs for K-12 students.  Students participating in our program system achieve individual betterment by improving their health & wellness, practicing teamwork, exhibiting mutual respect for their classmates, learning safe riding skills and participating in hands on applications that teach science, technology, engineering & math (STEM) principles.  For additional information please visit or contact