Nine13sports Announces Summer Programming Partnership With Project Transformation Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS – Nine13sports, a non-profit organization focused on educating and providing hands-on cycling experience to youth, announced a partnership with Project Transformation that will bring its Kids Riding Bikes program to Project Transformation Indiana summer day camps in 2019. This Elementary program is intended for children who are entering grades 1-6 of academic studies and is designed to address social-emotional development as well as improving literacy.

Nine13sports will be operating for 6 weeks at each of the 3 host churches where the camps will be offered: North UMC, Cumberland UMC, and St. Andrew UMC. All three locations are located in high-need neighborhoods across the city of Indianapolis and they will highly benefit from the several different activities provided by Project Transformation summer day camp programs.

“Project Transformation Indiana is thrilled to partner with Nine13sports this summer to enhance our literacy-based curriculum. We look forward to working together to empower children in Indianapolis to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually over the next 8 weeks, so they are prepared and excited to return to school in the fall. We strive to help our children be the best versions of themselves and to be proud of their unique individuality, and we can’t wait to see how Nine13sports will make a positive impact on our children this summer!” said Sarah Fuquay Executive Director at Project Transformation Indiana.

In addition to that, recreational play and exercise activities will also be offered to the children. Through the Kids Riding Bikes program, Nine13sports will promote health and wellness among many other benefits that go beyond the physical activity aspect.

“Having the opportunity to hop on a bike for the first time or encouraging biking as a life-long physical activity is just scratching the surface of the many benefits Kids Riding Bikes can offer to the kids. Through the simple tool of the bicycle we provide a meaningful way for the children to develop important values and life-long skills that will help them become better leaders in the future including teamwork, perseverance or self-confidence,” said Tom Hanley, Chief Executive Officer at Nine13sports.

This partnership is slated to kick off on Monday, June 10th, 2019.

About Nine13sports Kids Riding Bike Program: Kids Riding Bikes gives today’s youth the opportunity to get moving and active on stationary bicycle simulators as part of their physical education class. Bikes are mounted on indoor bike trainers as the kids find themselves in the middle of a big video game. The program provides an exciting and technologically driven, indoor bike training experience. To learn more about the Kids Riding Bikes Program please visit

About Project Transformation Indiana: Project Transformation’s collaborative model of ministry harnesses the creative energy and leadership of college age young adults, who live in intentional Christian community, and lead summer programs for children in various underserved neighborhoods. These programs are hosted by United Methodist churches located in the heart of underserved communities, thereby helping those churches connect in meaningful ways with their neighbors. For additional information please visit