CIBA-Foundation-logo2-2-tifConsider this the informal announcement to our formal press release–but we’re excited to announce that CIBA Foundation has generously awarded a grant to Nine13sports to bring our programs to Garden City Elementary in Wayne Township.  This will be our second grant awarded by the Foundation.

We’re incredibly excited for this unique opportunity and that it highlights the already existing relationship between CIBA and this specific school.  We’re also thrilled that CIBA Foundation has requested that they  be able to come see our programming first hand to even better understand the immense impact it makes on the lives of the youth we work with.

This is our first school in Wayne Township and highlights the huge growth Nin13 has experienced in the last few months as we sign onto programs with Pike Township, Wayne Township, Indianapolis Public Schools and are in discussions with another township school system and several additional youth organizations.

This growth would not be possible without the incredible support of sponsors, donors and the community who continues to work with us and help our growth as we bring Kids Riding Bikes to an even larger swath of Central Indiana than ever before.

Thanks CIBA Foundation, for your ongoing and expanding support!