Over the past two weeks, Nine13sports has had the pleasure of working with kids from the Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis at their summer programs. Our partnership with the Boys & Girls Club, which is now in its fourth year, is a relationship that we’re extremely fortunate to have. The kids are amazing and the staff is incredible to work with. Furthermore, being able to bring youth fitness and health to one of the most well-respected youth organizations across the world is exhilarating.

High Fives are a common sight during our Boys & Girls Club programming.

To this point, we’ve had a number of kids participate in our program that have done it at schools we’ve been at previously. This wouldn’t be possible without our amazing partners such as Peyton Manning’s Children’s Hospital, St. Vincent Hospital, Franciscan Alliance, and many others. It’s humbling, moving, and exciting to see kids from previous schools remember us and see the enthusiasm on their face that they get to ride our bikes again. Additionally, it’s wonderful to introduce our Kids Riding Bikes programming to kids who’ve never participated in our programming or even rode a bike before. Seeing the determination and enjoyment in their eyes is truly remarkable and something we love seeing everyday!

We’re going to be at the Club for a few more weeks and are looking forward to creating more relationships and everlasting memories for the children and staff!