There’s no better place for us to be than on Achievement Blvd.

During the course of the past few weeks, Nine13sports has had the opportunity to take their Kids Riding Bikes℠ programming to the Junior Achievement of Central Indiana for their BizTown Summer Camp programs. The JuniorAchievement, which provides learning experiences for Central Indiana students with a concentration on life skills, job skills, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and a fundamental understanding of economics and the free enterprise system, has been a proud partner of Nine13sports for the past year and we’re honored to be able to work with so many enthusiastic and promising students. In addition to this, their staff is wonderful and just as elated to see us as the students are!

Similar to the Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis, we’ve seen many repeat riders at Junior Achievement. This always warms our heart to see students remember who we are and to see their faces light up as they get to ride our bikes another time.  Additionally, the chance for us to share our passion for health and fitness with so many youth participants continues to support our goal of promoting health and wellness by the simple tool of a bicycle. We’re thrilled to serve Junior Achievement, in addition to thousands of other youth, during the rest of 2015 and beyond! We’re going to be there for a few more weeks and we can’t wait to showcase our passion for youth and fitness engagement with the students and create memories that they’ll be able to cherish forever!