Here are some numbers to ponder on a Friday that have taken place since the middle of June:

  • June 18= date we launched summer program sessions with Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis
  • 1,125+=number of youth interactions we’ve had since June 18 at Boys & Girls Clubs
  • 225+= number of youth interactions per week it took to get to 1,125
  • 1,382= miles pedaled by the kids at Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis
  • 181= number of interactions at our one day program partnered with Indy Crit
  • 109.4= number of miles pedaled at Indy Crit
  • 1491.4= total miles pedaled for Nine13sports programming since June 18
  • July 14= date of the Indy Crit
  • 26.45= seconds it took for Business Director Tom Hanley to set a new course record for Nine13sports at Indy Crit
  • 27.69= seconds it took for Bri Clark, elite female cyclist and general rock star, to set a new female course record on that same course
  • 1.3= seconds slower Program Director Ken Nowakowski was than Tom Hanley on that same course
  • 0= heart attacks suffered by Ken during his attempt to beat Tom
  • 2= letters saying “no” to grant requests because our organization doesn’t fit within the standards of the grant organization
  • 2= letters saying “yes” to grant requests because Nine13sports is shaping Central Indiana up one kid at a time
  • 2= Pacemates we had on bikes at a program event
  • 1= emcee, media mogul, educator–all the same person who became involved with Nine13sports
  • 2= kids coached by Operations Director John Singleton from Central Indiana who experienced their first competitive track nationals
  • 6= major press releases issued by Nine13sports highlighting big news
  • 1= interview with Olympian Bobby Lea who answered questions by Skype for Indianapolis kids hours before flying to London
  • 14= requests from others for meetings related to Nine13sports providing programming
  • 1= massive website redesign
  • 2= massive website crashes during the redesign
  • 3= new partners and official relationships for Nine13sports
  • infinity= cups of coffee and tea drank by Nine13sports staff to make all this happen


This picture captures the effort these girls put into pedaling fast

“Coach John! Did I go faster this time?”

Making a difference–by numbers.

Have a great weekend.