Nine13sports will be conducting an entry/exit survey to the youth of the Boys & Girls of Indianapolis during the summer of 2016. Through this survey Nine13sports will gather data relative to the behaviors and views regarding bicycling. Through Nine13sports weekly Kids Riding Bikes® programming that will be delivered to select units of the Boys & Girls Club, we’re optimistic that at the end of the summer more children will not only ride their bicycle more, but also view it as a means for transportation and as an outlet for physical fitness. Nine13sports will be using a digital survey platform to interview and gather the data from the children during the Kids Riding Bikes program after our first and last week at the Boys & Girls Club.

Boys & Girls Club Data Blog

We’re excited to use the data we collect in our quest to get more Kids Riding Bikes® across Central Indiana.

For the survey, Nine13sports staff will be reading the survey questions to each child and recording their responses. Depending on the child’s age, the questions will be asked in a grade level appropriate way. The questions that will be asked will determine the child’s age, if they can ride a bike, if they have a bike at home and the amount they ride if they do, and their view of the bike as a means for transportation, recreation, and exercise. Lastly, the children will be asked if they’ve participated in Nine13sports programming before this summer. These questions will be asked to gauge the overall interest of bike riding within each age group at the Boys & Girls Club.

The data that we collect will be significant in our long-term goal of getting more kids on bikes in Central Indiana and to have the proposed solutions, methodology, and outcomes necessary to ensure we achieve our goals. Our staff will use this data accordingly to provide the narrative to explain the data and its importance, in addition to creating a context to ensure we fix any roadblocks that prevent kids from utilizing the bicycle and its numerous benefits. Additionally, the appropriate data will be essential and critical in our proposals to established organizations in receiving assets and resources for getting more Kids Riding Bikes throughout Central Indiana and across the United States.