As we touched upon briefly on our last blog post, one of the college students interning for us this summer, Ashley Nolley, had the opportunity to be interviewed by the Saturday Shelby newspaper a few weekends ago. This interview, which occurred at the Get Healthy Here Farmers Market event that we were sited at that morning, was just a fragment of what was reported in an article about Nine13. The article, which can be viewed here, goes into great detail about the history of Nine13sports, the passion that our staff has to serve schools and community, and how we use the bicycle to inspire others to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. The article, which was completed by reporter Gabrielle Reed, was beautifully written and we are extremely grateful to have it be about us. If you have the chance today, we highly recommend that you give it a read (or two) and share it on our social media pages. You won’t be disappointed!

Make sure you click on the link in our blog to read the article about how Nine13sports addresses needs, engages communities, and encourages kids to stay healthy and active.