Party Pants?  Philanthropic heart?  Want to hang out with the coolest non-profit in town*?

*coolest non-profit in town is a subjective term due to the fact nobody else is doing something quite as cool as Nine13sports sports as judged by Nine13sports.  We put our cool status up for vote against cafeteria lunches, algebra and having to go to school when it should be a snow day by kids everywhere*

There is limited space for this event, you MUST email to let us know you are coming.  No email, no name on the list, no exceptions–it’s not because we don’t want you there, it’s because space is limited and we want to keep the fire marshal happy.  Additionally, you must be 21+ because of our temporary license to serve beer and wine.

We’ve got some additional partners that are jumping on board for this and will be making those announcements as they are finalized.  We’ll also be rolling out some cool news at this event related to our first private donor joining us in pursuit of the the $25,000 match grant.

Want to hang with us?  Rumor is we’ll even have a small demo setup of our daily gear!

And if you can’t make it, donate today anyways at

How successful has our grassroots donations been?  So successful that we are actually carving one of the nine $25,000 chunks of grant matching from the Hanley Family Challenge just for individual grassroots donations.  We hope that this event will help us get closer to that $25,000 grassroots goal!