We’ve grown.  A lot.  Like doubling our previous weekly school sessions a lot.  We’re booking corporate events like crazy, some might say we’ve recently been “on fire”.

(and seriously, who doesn’t want to work for an organization that uses old school NBA Jams references in their blog?)

So, we’re hiring a couple of part-time employees to help spread the load of our expanding growth.  You have to enjoy working with kids, you have to enjoy working with adults, you must enjoy physical fitness and the concept of getting kids moving for health and fitness.  You also must have a basic understanding of computers, be willing to do some physical labor (moving lots of heavy equipment), be available to work on the occasional weekend and during the hours of 9-4 during the week.  Positions will be available in a variety of weekly hours and for specific segments of time.  This is not a full time position, this is not a position that is promised employment beyond the current program session of 6 weeks, this is not a promise of X amount of hours per week; this is Nine13sports trying to grow our employee base in small steps and in a way that allows for flexibility on all sides.

Interested?  Step One:

email: info@nine13sports.org


a statement about why you want to work with kids, your history with bicycling, why you should get the job, how much you love non-profits, and of course, why you believe Kids Riding Bikes can change the world.  Keep it brief and professional, it’ll be presented to our board of directors as part of the screening process.

note: all employees are screened thoroughly including a background check.  The usual rules apply, we work with kids, you must have a stellar background history.  We will ask for further information to be provided for the second round of screening during the hiring process.