Nine13sports is excited to announce that we’re joining the YMCA led Top 10 by 2025 program, a partnership with many organizations in Central Indiana that focuses on improving overall health and wellness.  We’ll be utilizing our programs, relationships and visions to assist and grow as well as Executive Director Tom Hanley being involved with the work-group panels focusing on fitness and school programs.

More information:

The YMCA and Community Partners have come together with the long-term goal to help the Metropolitan Indianapolis become one of the Top 10 healthiest communities by 2025.

The American Fitness Index (AFI), published by the American College of Sports Medicine, was selected to measure the impact of the coalition efforts. The American Fitness Index is a respected, science-based national index, designed and compiled by leading sports medicine and exercise science professionals. The index measures health indicators that can be impacted by the community through fitness, nutrition and infrastructure.

Over the past year, the Top 10 by 2025 coalition has been working with the American College of Sports Medicine Technical Assistance Project, developing a plan to improve the health of the Indianapolis community to improve our standing in the ACSM American Fitness Index Rankings. This plan has four areas of focus:

  • Increasing Physical Activity
  • Improving Nutrition
  • Decreasing Smoking
  • Improving the Wellness Environment