We were fortunate enough to have Nine13sports bring their stationary bikes to School 91. They were able to stay for the entire week and give grades 1-8 two opportunities to experience the program. My favorite part was seeing the kids’ excitement when they walked in and saw a new activity. Sometimes I will hear students say that they have never been on a bike before so when they come off a bike with a big smile on their face it is very rewarding. 

The team that runs the program are very professional and independent. As a teacher I can trust them to do their thing in the corner while I do a lesson with the kids waiting their turn for the bikes. They are very positive and encouraging to the students. They emphasize finishing the course and good sportsmanship as opposed to who gets to the end of the course first. This fit right in with my physical education curriculum/philosophy at a Montessori school. 

There are many benefits to having this program come in. Students work on their muscular strength and endurance while maintaining target heart rates for a good length of time. This opportunity also gave students extra confidence and encouragement to get on a bike. I have students with spina bifida and Down syndrome as well as self-contained classrooms of students with autism. All of them were able to participate in this activity and loved it. 

The students and staff here at School 91 thank Nine13sports for this opportunity.


Erin Fox

Physical Education Teacher

IPS School 91