To Team Nine13sports,                                                                            

Meredith Nicholson Elementary had the opportunity to welcome Nine13sports into our school and share their biking program with our students on March 6, 7 and 8. I thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiasm of the students!  They were so excited to participate with the bikes during Physical Education class.  As an educator, having the opportunity to witness the children’s excitement was rewarding and motivating to me; I was very glad to know that they were being introduced to using a bike for exercise and enjoyment; this could promote a healthy hobby that will yield lifelong benefits to their health!

The Nine13sports Team was very willing to be flexible and incorporate all of my classes, even during a prep time.  I appreciated this so much, because it resulted in all students having the opportunity to experience the benefits of exercising their bodies while socializing as a group. The Team was so willing to accommodate each student’s particular needs without hesitation.  I feel that this was truly a highlight for these children and they will have great memories of the experience in Physical Education class!

Having Nine13sports definitely gave all the students a great physical workout while providing a learning experience at the same time.  I was blessed to see how the Team approached each student and their unique needs individually.  The Team cheered on all students by clapping and giving high fives to the entire group as individuals finished the course.

Lastly, one of the most touching moments happened when one of the 5th grade students, with special needs, said that she had never ridden a bike before and did not know how to do it. Members of the Nine13sports Team were so willing to work patiently with her; she was successful in pedaling a bike for the first time! She enjoyed it so much that she decided to stay on for the entire time and did not want to leave the bike!  This was definitely a great experience for everyone involved.

On behalf of myself, staff and students at Meredith Nicholson Elementary IPS #96, we would like to say THANK YOU! Please come back and visit us again!


Luis Perez

Wellness/PE Teacher

IPS School 96