Nine13sports came in, took over, and crushed it! Nine13sports identified something that the kids love to do and use it to promote fitness for a lifetime! The kids loved the cool bikes and the video board was just perfect!

I appreciated that they jumped at the chance to come in a visit our school. Communication over scheduling and expectations was quick, clear, and efficient. I found them to be very nice and easy to work with.

Nine13sports comes in and asks for nothing but a lesson that will allow 8 students to be at their station for 5-10 minutes. The station is set up and ran completely by the great team they have. Nine13 explain everything and get the kids going quickly. The simplicity of the activity and video game aspect allows kids of all ages to enjoy this program. The kids had a blast and so did I!

This program is great for the kids and I would recommend Nine13sports to any school looking for something relevant and fun for the kids to learn a fitness activity they could participate in for a lifetime.


Paul Trimmel

Physical Education Teacher

Brownsburg Schools