Nine13sports Supporters,


your support will help make more of these moments possible

Remember the joy of riding a bicycle? The feeling of freedom as you hopped on for the first time? Those moments are what we attempt to create for thousands of students every year in your community with our school based youth programming. In front of us is a unique opportunity to create even more of those moments, and get more Kids Riding Bikes.

We need your help to make it happen.

We’ve teamed up with Chris Baggott of Tyner Pond Farm and Clustertruck for a November challenge: Every dollar we raise in the month of November will be matched up to $5,000.

This is important for one key (and awesome) reason, we need to buy additional equipment that will allow us to serve additional students as we get into 2017.

Here is how that breaks down: We know that the total hard cost for this equipment is $10,000. The money raised through this campaign isn’t going towards overhead or operations, but directly into the physical equipment that the students interface with. By raising $5,000 and having that matched by the generous folks over at Tyner Pond Farm and Clustertruck we will achieve our goal, and have additional equipment that will serve our programs for years to come.

We don’t often do public campaigns. However, due to the ability to match these dollars we’re asking you to consider getting a jump start on your year-end giving and make a contribution today. This is a dollar for dollar match, effectively doubling any amount you’re able to give.

This will help us wrap up an already spectacular year that has seen us serve more than 8,000 youth, serve 40 schools and youth organizations, partner with events like the Special Olympics, and more. Please help us end this year on a high note and be in the best position to serve even more youth in 2017.


Tom Hanley
CEO and Founder