Nine13sports Press Release 5.18.12

Indianapolis, IN May 18, 2012 Central Indiana based nonprofit, Nine13sports, seized the momentum of the growth in their youth programs over recent months.  Bike Week activities in Indianapolis, and the ongoing relationship with program partner The Project School-Indianapolis (TPS), provided an opportunity to highlight Nine13sports’ unique programs for many of the school’s students on Thursday, May 17, during an all-day event.

The TPS theme, “Are you faster than a 5th grader?,” was embraced by Nine13sports as they worked individually with over 150 students, captured more than 350 individual ride logs, and was privileged to interact with the entire student and staff population for a day of special activities.  The day’s events included friendly competition among 4th through 8th grade participants, as well as teambuilding and health advocacy for the entire student population.

Nine13sports Business Director Tom Hanley noted, “Bike Week always gains focused attention on bicycling which is our everyday tool for promoting youth health and exercise.  Our ongoing relationship with TPS and the preparations being made for summer programs in partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs of Indianapolis allowed a perfect fit for engaging in a full day of activities at the school.  The bicycle is really a great tool to promote youth activeness, combat the rising epidemic of childhood obesity and promote community awareness in Central Indiana.”

Kids competed using a program format that consists of a cycling warm-up and coaching time, and then concludes with a short race that recorded all the students’ times and efforts.  Nine13sports Programs Director Ken Nowakowski said, “The fastest teacher was able to barely hold off the fastest results of the students in recording only a one second faster time.  Luckily that teacher, Norm Gwaltney, is also the leader of the TPS Bike Club and played the role of ringer for the faculty!”

Gwaltney commented, “This program has been a great way to get our students thinking outside the box while moving and having fun.  Just today we were able to talk about everything from calories to how the rules of kinetic energy are involved, how pedaling creates wattage just like electricity, and the concepts of technology that are embraced by both TPS and Nine13sports—all while the students were actually riding.”

“We’ve grown at an unbelievable rate since we launched in late 2011,” said Nine13sports Operations Director John Singleton.  He added, “The hard work of turning our concept into reality instantly pays off when we see the smile on the kids’ faces.  The positive energy we experience every time we leave an event keeps us motivated on the fundraising and business aspects of our organization.  It is worth the hard work because it allows us to witness the joy and effort put forth by both the students and the teachers at any of our sites.”

Information can be found at, and on Twitter and Facebook @Nine13sports.


Organization Background:

Indy Velo (dba Nine13sports) is a Central Indiana 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes health, wellness, and exercise for local youth between the ages of 8 and 18, using bicycling as the gateway.  We have created a unique program in which we have integrated the traditional bicycle with technology to provide a turnkey product for youth programs, schools and other community organizations at no cost to them.  In addition to individual betterment of health and fitness, our programs promote community, teamwork and mutual respect for one another.  Our vision is to use the art and sport of cycling to teach and positively influence our participants and leave a lasting impact.