Nine13sports is excited to announce a generous and kind donation from Warsaw-based Frazzetta Financial Services, Inc. to help support their cycling program in schools throughout Central Indiana. The thoughtful donation will help 12 students participate in a complete 4-week session of Kids Riding Bikes℠.

“Having already partnered with Warsaw-based Lake City Heat Treating, it’s thrilling to have built relationships with two distinguished organizations outside of Central Indiana,” said Chris Harris, Program Specialist at Nine13sports. “A focus of our organization in 2015 is to create and foster relationships with other organizations outside of the region and we’re honored to receive this donation from Chris Frazzetta and the rest of the Frazzetta Financial Services team.”

Nine13sports groundbreaking and unique cycling program, Kids Riding Bikes℠, is offered to thousands of students throughout the Central Indiana region, as well as in Portland, Oregon, at no cost to the schools.  The program is designed to provide opportunity for youth across the region to learn about fitness and health through the use of stationary bicycle simulators during their physical education class. Additionally, it promotes community, teamwork, and mutual respect for one another designed to foster a lasting impact.

“Frazzetta Financial Services eagerly supports organizations like Nine13sports. Helping children have a normal childhood regardless of their family’s socioeconomic circumstances is an honorable mission,” said Chris Frazzetta, Vice President of Frazzetta Financial Services. “Something as simple as a bike provides a child with freedom, confidence, and exercise. I still remember the super cool Huffy dirt bike that I had when I was in grade school.”

Tony Frazzetta started his career in financial services in 1972. Frazzetta Financial Services, Inc. was started by Tony and his wife, Liz, in 1999. Since the launch their son, Chris, and daughter, Lisa, have joined the strong traditions that have made the company successful throughout the years. The financial services industry has seen many changes during the last 40 years, but their mission has stayed the same. They work to help clients achieve their financial goals while working to minimize risk.