December 15, 2016                                                                              
For Immediate Release
Nathan Wilson
Communications Director

PDF:SRJHS Press Release

Indianapolis – Nine13sports and South Ripley Junior High School(SRJHS) have announced a partnership with Genesis: Pathways to Success (GPS), the Versailles McDonald’s location, Hillenbrand and Friendship State Bank to pilot a new STEM curriculum program in January 2017.

This partnership will allow SRJHS students to participate in Nine13sports’ unique bicycle programming and learn the engineering, math, science, health and transportation benefits of the bicycle.This STEM-­based program will also allow students to learn about the computer program Nine13sports uses during its regular programming.

“This new STEM-­‐based offering will supplement what we do at Nine13 and create opportunities to teach students about motion, energy, gear ratios, human movement and much more,” Tom Hanley, CEO of Nine13sports said. “Most importantly, it will highlight what a beautiful machine the bicycle is and how it can be a resource beyond basic fitness.”

This partnership will mark the first time that Nine13sports has taken its programming to Ripley County. It also marks the first expansion outside of Central Indiana for the Indianapolis-­‐based organization with teams in Central Indiana; Portland, Oregon; and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“We are thrilled that SRJHS students will have this wonderful opportunity to pilot the new Nine13sports STEM curriculum,” Cheryll Obendorf, executive director of GPS said. “The program’s elements that blend biology, health and physical education will allow students to put scientific concepts into practice by identifying and tracking the physiological changes in their body while exercising. Seeing principles learned in the classroom applied to their everyday lives will help students better understand why what they’re learning is important.”

The pilot program will focus on grades 6-­8 and will include a multiple-­interaction set of programming where each participating student will be seen eight times. Nine13sports expects this added facet of programming to expanding late 2017.

“Given the interest and demand, this STEM program expansion is imperative to better serve students and schools across Indiana,” Hanley said. “That said, we are extremely excited to kick off this program expansion with the students of South Ripley Junior High School. It’s a perfect fit.”


About Nine13sports: Nine13sports® is a 501(c)(3) non-­‐profit organization that promotes health, wellness, and exercise for local youth between the ages of 5 and 18 through our Kids Riding Bikes® programs. We have created a unique initiative in which we have integrated the traditional bicycle with technology to provide a turnkey product for youth programs, schools and other community organizations. In addition to individual betterment of health and fitness, our programs promote community, teamwork and mutual respect designed to foster a lasting impact. For additional information, please visit

About Genesis: Pathways to Success: Genesis: Pathways to Success is an initiative of the Ripley County Community Foundation dedicated to empowering students to succeed in STEM by developing programs in areas such as engineering, agriculture, health science and technology, and by supporting events that encourage students to apply curious minds and critical thinking skills to real-world opportunities. Genesis generates ongoing and meaningful dialog and collaboration to prepare a talent pipeline for a globally dynamic marketplace. For additional information, please visit or contact