And just like that, we wrapped up our summer programming at the Boys & Girls Club and the Junior Achievement of Central Indiana last week. Our summer programming, which began in early June, provided us the opportunity to make an impact on hundreds of Central Indiana youth.

Our 4-year relationship with the Boys & Girls Club has been incredible and it’s been remarkable to be involved with their summer programming. We were able to deliver our 4-week programming with a focus on participant’s from ages 9 -14 at their Keenan-Stahl and LeGore units, in addition to Francis Bellamy School 102. The kids there are lively, energetic, fun, and their staff is always warm and friendly towards us.

The bicycle created many exciting moments at the Boys & Girls Club this past summer, all while getting fit.

Our 1-year partnership with the Junior Achievement of Central Indiana, while not as long as the one we have with B & G, is a relationship that we’re equally as honored to have. Being able to have Kids Riding Bikes be a part of their BizTown Summer Camp has been a fantastic experience for our staff and interns.  In comparison to the Boys & Girls Club, the kids and staff have been a blast and are always super excited to see us!

We had the opportunity to serve almost 300 youth at Junior Achievement.  It was great to be able promote health and wellness to all of these enthusiastic students!

Over these past few weeks while running our programming, we’ve had many kids acknowledge to us that they’ve rode our bikes at their respective schools previously. These conversations always bring a smile to our faces and remind us of why we do what we do – to promote the overall development, well-being, and health of Central Indiana youth and to be positive role models in the community. All in all, we were able to have 2,100 positive youth interactions at the Boys & Girls Club and Junior Achievement this summer. We’re looking forward to continuing our programming with both of these phenomenal organizations next summer!