As part of a continuing series that will be running every Thursday, we’re going to be featuring the backgrounds and services of our numerous sponsors and partners. Furthermore, we’re going to exhibit how their relationship with us is making an impact in the lives of youth and in the community. Today, our focus is on ActiveIndy Tours:

Company Overview: 

ActiveIndy Tours

Offering the only daily, guided tours in Indianapolis, ActiveIndy Tours explores urban Indy at a human pace. Our walking, running and biking tours are conducted at this casual pace with frequent stops where their storytellers share the history and lore of our city. ActiveIndy Tours combines our passion for living a healthy, environmentally conscious lifestyle with a love for the past, present and future of Indianapolis. We create stronger connections between Indy and their guests by conducting tours that are healthy, fun and educational.

ActiveIndy was founded by longtime Indianapolis resident and hospitality industry veteran Nathan Smurdon. According to his Mom, as a baby Nathan skipped crawling and went straight to walking… and once the training wheels came off his first bike he never looked back as he headed out to explore the neighborhood. He discovered his passion for running in 5th grade during the Presidential Physical Fitness Test 600- yard run and went on to compete in cross country and track in middle school, high school and at Butler University.

Prior to creating ActiveIndy, Nathan worked for the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association as part of the convention sales team. During his decade of service to the ICVA, he became a trusted advisor to organizations by showing them how Indianapolis could serve as a future location for their meetings, conferences and tradeshows. In this role he thrived on showing people the places that make Indianapolis unique – and sharing fun facts and history along the way. On their first visits to New York City and Boston, he and his wife Melissa found walking and biking tours were an excellent way of getting to know the city. The tours provided a fantastic overview of the destination…and were the perfect for getting a little exercise to offset the great dining they were enjoying! Returning home to Indy, they realized that the most memorable parts of these trips weren’t necessarily the museums or other attractions, but the tour that took them to places off the beaten path. There was always something they discovered that they wouldn’t have found otherwise…

ActiveIndy Tours provides that experience here in Indianapolis. Whether you are a lifelong resident that has never made time to explore your hometown or a first-time visitor that wants to see a few of our many famous landmarks, we’d love for you to spend an hour or three with us on a tour!

Relationship with Nine13sports: 

ActiveIndy Picture 2

The 2014 bike group that participated in Week Without Walls with the beautiful Indy skyline in the background!

Our relationship with ActiveIndy Tours is highlighted by, “The Week Without Walls,” a week in which students of Shortridge High School participate in an entire week of learning and engagement outside of the classroom. One of the features of the week is the ActiveIndy Bike Tours that our staff, as well as police officers of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, participate in with the students of Shortridge. During the tour, we’re led by Nathan Smurdon as he guides us along the cultural trail, districts, and neighborhoods of Indianapolis. These tours, which we’ve been participating in since 2014, offer a tremendous opportunity for all participants involved to gain an authentic exposure to the city of Indianapolis in order to nurture a better understanding and appreciation for our culture. Additionally, it fosters a greater sense of community, challenges everyone mentally and physically, and has been a catalyst for developing several friendships!

The opportunity to combine education and bicycling is an area that we take a great deal of pride in and our partnership with ActiveIndy Tours is a natural one to be able to deliver that model. We thank you for your partnership and look forward to growing with you more in the future!

For more on ActiveIndy Tours, check out their website.