As part of a continuing series, we’re going to be featuring the backgrounds and services of our numerous sponsors and partners. Furthermore, we’re going to exhibit how their relationship with us is making an impact in the lives of youth and in the community. Today, our focus is on the Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis:

Organization Overview: 

Boys & Girls Club 2

Since 1893, Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis believes every young person deserves to live a life filled with hope and opportunity. Because we care about our young people, we provide a safe, educational and positive atmosphere where they can prosper and reach their full potential.


Youth Centered: We will put kids first by being mindful of the many issues youth face today. We will be supportive; proactive; engaging; passionate; focused; and committed to providing quality services.

Ethical: We will operate in an open, honest, and transparent environment.

Accountable: We take full responsibility for our actions and performance. We will be reliable, produce measurable outcomes and evaluate our programs.
United: We are a team of diverse individuals who work together to accomplish our mission. We will encourage, support, and respect each other.
Relationship With Nine13sports:
Our relationship with the Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis migrated during May 2012 when we partnered with the fellow non-profit to bring Kids Riding Bikes® at two of their locations, Wheeler-Dowe & Keenan-Stahl, for their summer programming. From there on, our partnership has continued to blossom and thrive as we’ve continued to bring our bicycle stimulators to several other locations for their summer programming, including LeGore and Francis Bellamy School 102. These summer programs have provided us the opportunity to make a lasting and positive impact on hundreds of Central Indiana youth throughout the years.
Boys & Girls Club

We’ve had a lot of great times getting kids riding bikes at the Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis!

This summer, we’re excited to bring Kids Riding Bikes to two new Boys & Girls Club units, the Lilly Boys & Girls Club and the Finish Line Boys & Girls Club. In addition to programming at these locations, we’ll be delivering our summer programming to the Keenan-Stahl and Wheeler-Dowe units. The chance to share our passion and energy for health and fitness to an organization as storied and distinguished like the Boys & Girls Club reinforces the significance of our positive influence in the city of Indianapolis. Thank you to the Boys & Girls Club for everything that you do for us here at Nine13sports!

 For more on the Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis, check out their website.