As part of a continuing series that will be running every Thursday, we’re going to be featuring the backgrounds and services of our numerous sponsors and partners. Furthermore, we’re going to exhibit how their relationship with us is making an impact in the lives of youth and in the community. Today, our focus is on Sun King Brewing Company: 

Sun King LogoCompany Overview:

Sun King Brewing Company is an Indianapolis-based craft brewery with a focus on continually creating traditional seasonal and unique specialty beers. Sun King rolled their first keg of beer out the door in July 2009 and since that time has grown into the second largest brewery in Indiana. Sun King’s beers have been awarded multiple medals at the Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup.

Sun King beer can be enjoyed at over 1,000 fine bars/restaurants and liquor stores throughout Indiana, at their downtown brewery at 135 N. College Ave. Indianapolis, or at their Small Batch Brewery and Tasting Room at 7848 E. 96th Street in Fishers, Indiana.

Relationship with Nine13sports:

Our relationship with Sun Brewing Company emerged in September of 2012 when the company donated products and merchandise for one of our fundraising events. Our relationship with Sun King grew in terms of product donations for different events in the following months and then in June of 2013 we teamed up for the first yoga fundraiser with all proceeds from the event benefiting our Kids Riding Bikes programming. The event continued the following year in 2014. The yoga fundraiser was an incredible way to educate the community on the positive influence that we’re having on thousands of youth in Central Indiana on a daily basis. Moreover, it was an engaging outlet to interact with the community and a gateway to grow our relationship.

Sun King Pic

The Malted Mile has been a remarkable event and a great way for our staff educate the employees of Sun King and the citizens of Indianapolis on the impact we’re making on our cities youth.

In 2015, our partnership continued to thrive as we announced, “The Malted Mile” back in September. This reoccurring event occurs on the fourth Monday every month at the local brewery. It’s held as a fundraiser and as a way to get families, friends, and co-workers on our 1-mile virtual bike racing course and for them to discover just how awesome our Kids Riding Bikes programming is. Additionally, it’s always entertaining getting fans of both bikes and beer alike on our bikes and demonstrating to them the benefits of regular cycling and how our programming invokes numerous life skills on the youth we interact with on a daily basis.

Sun King Brewing Company is a phenomenal community partner to not only Nine13sports, but numerous other organizations throughout Central Indiana. They’ve established a philanthropic footprint on our community by bring awareness to a number of different causes. We want to thank everyone at Sun King for the significant and lasting impact they’ve had on our organization and give a special thanks to the following people for their great leadership and teamwork over the years: Clay Robinson, Co-Founder and Owner of Sun King; Heather Hall, Vice President of Community Development at Sun King; Emily Tschuor, Community Outreach Manager at Sun King; and Jessie Eastman, Community Development and Events Facilitator at Sun King. 

For more information on Sun King Brewing Company, check out their website.