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Letter of Review: Nine13sports

My name is Jake Allen and I serve as the principal of Paul Hadley Middle School in the Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation.This school year we have had the pleasure of partnering with Tom Hanley and Nine13sports to promote exercise, health and wellness to all of our students at PHMS. I can’t praise Tom and his staff enough for their dedication to their clients and the quality of their program.

Nine13sports does an excellent job of promoting the importance of physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices through an exciting and engaging curriculum that ties the rigor of traditional exercise with the benefits of modern technology. Through the program, students are able to increase their knowledge of what it means to make healthy lifestyle choices, improve physical conditioning through exercise, and to better understand how their body performs through the use of digital technology and the real-time data that it provides;the culmination of this experience results in healthier students who better understand their own physical performance and how to set goals to achieve further growth.

Not only does Nine13sports provide a quality and engaging curriculum experience, but they are extremely fun to work with and quickly became a part of our PHMS family. Paul Hadley Middle School would like to thank Tom and his staff for a wonderful semester -we look forward to working with them again,very soon.



Jake Allen, Principal