We get to do a lot of cool things at our jobs and feel lucky every day for the chance to do what we love.

The staff decided to do something a bit different yesterday, inspired by the Ann Curry 26 Acts of Kindness, The Sussy Project and many other “pay it forward” efforts, we took to the street yesterday with our own idea.

Nine13sports got a gift card for local coffee shop Hubbard & Cravens with enough on it to by 20-30 coffees and asked the staff to use that gift card to buy the coffee for as many people as possible until it ran out.  We also left some inspiring words on our cards and asked the coffee shop to pass them out to those that got a cup of java on the card.

We did this in response to the tragedy in Boston, in an effort to say “thanks” to the many great people of Indianapolis and to commemorate the coffee shop where many of our ideas have risen from.

We share this story not for praise, but to challenge you to do something to pay it forward yourself.

the tags on the cards

the cards themselves