Our staff at Nine13sports has had the chance to work closely with IMPD in a variety of ways since our program launch in late 2011.  Most recently, our executive director, Tom Hanley, has worked closely with Sgt. Matt Grimes and Community Relations Officer Tim Blackwell on programs that benefited IPS Gambold Prep High School.  Additionally, Tom and Sgt. Grimes sit on the Indianapolis Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Council to further bicycling within our awesome city.

We work hard to represent the many different parts of the community we hold near and dear and part of that is helping out others who make an impact on Indianapolis.  We reached out to IMPD last week and asked them what supplies they might need for their bicycle patrol and they very quickly sent a wishlist back to us.  We worked with our suppliers who support Nine13sports and acquired the needed parts that keep the IMPD bikes rolling and protecting all of us.

It’s our honor and pleasure to be able to support Indianapolis in whatever way we can, both small and big.  We’re one cog in a much larger machine and we believe that by working together with other organizations and finding ways to mutually support our common goals, all of the non-profits are more successful.

Officer Blackwell, Nine13sports director Tom Hanley, Sgt. Grimes