PDF: Peloton Wealth Teams with Nine13

Indianapolis, IN ─ August 3, 2015 ─ Youth fitness nonprofit Nine13sports today announced a partnership with Peloton Wealth Strategists, an Indianapolis-based investment management company, dedicated to expanding Nine13’s youth fitness programs in Central Indiana.

For 12 months, Nine13 and Peloton will work together to increase the reach of the nonprofit’s signature Kids Riding Bikes program as the organization hopes to more than double its capacity to serve youth by the end of 2015. There’s something in this partnership for adults, too: Nine13 will help educate consumers about the personal, financial and communal benefits of charitable giving by writing blog posts and newsletter articles to be distributed by Peloton.

This partnership of physical and financial health initiatives allows both Nine13 and Peloton to practice their missions of helping people thrive in Central Indiana. In the last year, Kids Riding Bikes has brought the health and self-confidence benefits of basic bicycle programming to more than 6,000 Central Indiana youth.

“Having Peloton on board as a partner not only supports our growth in Central Indiana, it also brings an exciting rush of enthusiasm to improving community wellness,” said Tom Hanley, executive director of Nine13sports. “The relationship seemed like such a natural and organic fit — they’ve built their brand to include the bicycle — but we really bonded over our shared passion to make the community a healthier and better place.”

The partnership is Peloton’s first significant corporate contribution to a charity, and in doing so it gives Peloton employees volunteer opportunities in which they can make a great impact on a local level.

“We’ve wanted to grow our corporate giving culture and do it in a way that reflects our company personality,” said Matt Bradley, managing partner at Peloton. “Nine13sports and Peloton approach their work similarly: engaging individuals, focusing on making an impact, and building long-term relationships. We’re excited to work with them over the next year and look forward to maintaining a healthy and strong partnership that can continue to grow.”

About Nine13sports

Nine13sports is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes health, wellness, and exercise for local youth between the ages of 8 and 18 through our Kids Riding Bikes℠ programs. We have created a unique initiative in which we have integrated the traditional bicycle with technology to provide a turnkey product for youth programs, schools, and other community organizations. In addition to individual betterment of health and fitness, our programs promote community, teamwork, and mutual respect for one another designed to foster a lasting impact. For additional information please visit www.nine13sports.org or email info@nine13sports.org.

About Peloton Wealth Strategists

Peloton Wealth Strategists has been in the investment management business since 1984. Our investment team is comprised of professionals with an average of over 20 years serving the financial needs of individual and institutional clients. In bike racing, a peloton is a group of cyclists riding in a tight formation to “draft” from each other. Organized pelotons move very efficiently and can maintain much higher speeds than a lone cyclist can achieve. Pelotons are fluid, dynamic, and beautiful in action but require a tremendous amount of coordination, communication, and trust. We manage money by combining individual securities that work together as a structured portfolio, much like a peloton. The result is a powerful, efficient, integrated solution – one that moves clients toward their goals.

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