Planning for our Future: Meet our new Chief Partnership and Strategy Officer

At Nine13sports, we have an incredible staff who make everything we do possible. They handle the scheduling, logistics, operations, and most importantly, they facilitate the program delivery for the hundreds of students that experience Kids Riding Bikes programs every single day.

Today, we are making one of our biggest changes yet to our leadership team. Nathan Smurdon, our current Business Development Director, will be transitioning to a newly created role as our Chief Partnership and Strategy Officer (CPSO). This promotion reflects the incredible work Nathan has done for Nine13sports over the last two years as he has created new business relationships, strategically positioned us for new grant opportunities that were not possible before and created a system for our ongoing sales and grants strategy that will continue to allow us to grow.

Nathan will join myself and our COO, Ashley Acuff, as the third member of our executive leadership team. We have listened to the feedback from our funders and recognize that at the size and scale of our organization, now is the appropriate time to make it clear that the organization has progressed from the launch to the growth phase of our business life cycle and we have an expanded leadership team in place to achieve the short and long term goals of our organization.

In this new role, Nathan will continue to focus on business development with current and new prospective partners. He will also be working closely with our Board of Directors, our COO, and myself to evolve and enhance our long-term strategic plan. Additionally, we have identified several new programs that we are interested in developing and Nathan will be an integral part of the strategy for their successful launch and deployment.

Since our inception, we have been very purposeful with the positions we have hired. My strategy has always been to hire incredibly talented and experienced staff who were willing to work at individual schools with kids, while remaining committed to responsible staffing growth.

Since January 2017, our staff has doubled in size, and is positioned to add another three Kids Riding Bikes staff over the coming months. We have continuously worked to identify the best strategy for growth and stability while delivering the best possible programs that connect youth with the power of the bicycle here in Central Indiana.

My commitment to Nine13sports is as clear today as it has ever been, and I am excited to see where the next few years will continue to take us. It is a privilege to wake up and be able to do what we do, and I am continuously humbled by the people who make what we do possible.

Tom Hanley, CEO