Friends of Nine13sports,

I’m incredibly excited for all of the great things happening at Nine13sports, it’s been a 2016 full of momentum and growth and there are two sets of people that have made this possible, my staff and all of you who have believed in us.

Growth for us is going to look like a lot of things in the coming weeks and months and as we get into 2017 we expect to be able to scale from serving 7,500 youth per year in Central Indiana to a potential 30,000 youth as we work to launch three new expansion teams for the Indy market.

As of October 1, our core staff will take on new titles that highlight their expanded roles, and we will be making and announcing several additional key hires that will help continue to drive Nine13sports forward over the next 60 days.

It’s a privilege to share with you the following updates to our core staff:


Tom Hanley, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director (previously Executive Director): Founder and Executive Director since 2011, Tom has piloted the development and growth of Nine13sports from vision into reality. The new title of Chief Executive Officer aligns with Nine13’s growth strategy and expansion into new market cities over the next several years.

Ashley Acuff, Chief Operations Officer and Operations Director (previously Director of Program Curriculum): Ashley joined the Nine13sports team in April of 2014 with a desire to use her background as an educator in local schools to better align Nine13sports curriculum with education standards set by the State. Her role has expanded beyond that, and her daily drive has helped propel programs to where we are at today. Ashley will serve as Chief Operations Officer and continue to oversee program development, implementation, and operations both in Central Indiana and for operations in cities across the country.

Chris Harris, Program Operations Director (previously Program Operations Manager): Chris has been a valued asset to the Nine13 team since joining as an intern in January of 2015. Chris has helped pilot day-to-day operations and oversee program sites and as we continue to grow, his new role will not only continue to see him manage program sites daily, but help oversee the new operations teams we are launching.

Nathan Wilson, Communications Director (new position): Nathan is joining our team and will help grow our substantial media relationships, help direct our video and social media engagement, and be responsible for our growing visibility across the country.

To Be Announced, Business Development Director (new position): We know who this will be, however it is pending announcement until we have a final contract back from a partner. We’re excited for this announcement, and you’ll be excited for us.

Field Operations Staff (new position): We anticipate hiring 3 new Field Operations Staff that will be integrated into our daily programs. Typically, each director will wind up having a field operations staff member with them to help run program sites while in the field.


We’ve been very proud of the fact that we’re often considered a much bigger nonprofit than we have been. Our staff has been bare bones, and while we have accomplished a lot in the last two years, we’ve only scratched the surface of what we’re capable of and the impact we can make.

These position and title changes are designed to give clear direction to our new hires and to position us for years to come. These are the steps needed to manage a sustained growth target of 300% more youth served in 2017.

Thank you to all the corporate partners and individuals who have helped make our growth possible and for sharing our vision of a healthier and more fit Indianapolis for our youth.


Tom Hanley