we admit it’s not all about the bike

It’s with a lot of excitement that we start to be able to talk about a new event we’re hosting that promotes the “Get Fit Indy” concept.  Today, we are talking about a new running event that will take place on September 13 at White River State Park.  We’ve partnered with Active Indy Tours to put on this event and have plans of growing it into something much bigger for next year.

The concept is simple, it’s a team relay event.  Teams will have 4 individuals and we’ll have 3 categories, Open (any group), Co-Ed (2 men/2 women) and Women only.  The course is a 913 meter loop where 1 individual from each team will be out at a time.  The race will be 91 minutes and 30 seconds long + one additional loop and will start at 7:40PM to create a night run experience.

All abilities, all skill levels, all backgrounds, we are making this an all-inclusive event.

All proceeds will go to support Kids Riding Bikes at Nine13sports.

We’re finalizing the website and registration information and will have that available starting next week.  We’ll have a beer garden and a social gathering afterwards as we try to create an awesome evening.  We’ll have several VIP teams that will be representing different backgrounds in Indianapolis and will create an even more awesome experience with their presence.

Stay tuned for more details…we’ll keep them rolling out over the next week.