We’re all about “local”, support local, live local, be local, love local—that’s a big part of our operating method.

We’ve done some big things recently, such as furthering our local relationships with events like Wheels and Wings and Yoga, Beer for Bikes.  All of our silent auction items at Wheels and Wings were donated by local companies who believe in the same “support local” focus.  We just moved our print operations from a national chain to locally based Digital Color Graphics (DCG Indy) and we are always finding new  ways to support the local scene.

So we’re excited to announce today that Silca, traditionally some of the best bicycle pumps in the world; a company that was purchased by local talented mind, Josh Poertner last year and is now being run from Indianapolis—has stepped up to be a sponsor and supplier for Nine13sports.  We love Josh, we love his mission and goals and are excited to see Silca grow into the brand that Josh envisions.

The Nine13sports crew is proud to have the support of the Indianapolis based Silca brand and we’re excited to have their pumps on our Rig.  Truly, if they can hold up to the abuse we put them through–they can hold up to anything you can throw at them.