My name is Andrew Lovall. I am from Kouts, Indiana, a small farm town in Northwest Indiana, which is very close to Valparaiso, Indiana. I am a senior exercise science major and a psychology minor at the University of Indianapolis entering my last semester of classes. I will graduate in May and complete my degree sometime in the upcoming summer. I have made the Dean’s List the last three semesters in Kinesiology. I plan to be working with people in my career to help them live a healthier lifestyle and come to love exercise as much as I do. Whether this is a combination of wellness coaching, personal training, cardiac rehabilitation, or something else. I look at my career to be as somewhat of a teacher of exercise, which is something I have always done and enjoyed.


I am looking forward to working at Nine13sports because as I said I enjoy teaching people and who better to teach than kids. I have always considered myself a positive role model. When I was in high school, I was a pretty good basketball player, and I wore a unique thing with my uniform: sports goggles. I can’t do contacts so I chose to wear the goggles. I know many parents told me that their children liked me as a player and started wearing goggles, and they still are today. I think I may possibly want to work with kids in the future and I believe this internship will allow me to figure out if it is something I do in fact want to do. Also, childhood obesity is a growing problem in this country, and I believe Nine13 is doing something to try and stop that, and I am excited to be working somewhere with a message I can support and get behind. As a kid I was always on my bike so that is just another reason Nine13 seems to be a perfect fit for me.