One of our favorite components of our internship program is the joy of watching our interns grow their leadership and social skills. At first, it’s natural for them to be timid during their first few times around the students, however, once they come out of their shell and get more comfortable running our programming, it’s as if they had done it for years. To enumerate, Andrew from the University of Indianapolis and Emma from Butler University, although hesitant initially, have grown into natural and motivational leaders and have let their personalities flourish over these past few weeks. After the first week of programming and watching how it flowed, they decided it was time to take initiative and they haven’t looked back since. Andrew and Emma have blossomed into fundamental leaders – motivating the kids to finish, making sure every kid gets a high five, cracking a joke to lighten the mood and remember that bike riding is fun and enjoyable.

Emma and Andrew

Emma and Andrew have given out their fair share of high-fives during their time with us!

Furthermore, they’ve been heavily involved during our office days, attending meetings with our staff, assisting us with corporate wellness programs, content for our blog, and being a sounding board for our growth and development. We’ve been overjoyed to have a first hand look at their growth and prosperity at Nine13, in addition to the friendships that have been developed with our staff. Our internship program isn’t a typical grab coffee, fax paperwork, wash dishes, etc. type of internship program. You’re rolling up your sleeves, tackling projects, running programming, and writing blog content, among many others. Andrew and Emma have done all of that and more and we couldn’t be more proud to have them as part of our team here at Nine13.