My name is Michael Chettleburgh and I’m from South Bend, Indiana. I’m going into my senior year at Indiana University with a Sport Marketing and Management major and a Business minor. Post graduation I would like to work in an event management position within the sport industry.

 thumbnail_IMG_1532 [50060]While at Indiana University I have greatly enjoyed being a part of the annual Little 500 bicycle race. I’ve really enjoyed cycling both just for fun as well as for competition. Through this my passion for cycling grew a lot, and it really made me want to work with bikes in some capacity. I am also a student-manager at the Indiana University Auditorium where I work with many other students to make sure our patrons have a great time seeing shows. Getting to work with people and getting them to ride bikes is the best of both worlds for me!

I’m very excited to intern at Nine13sports and get to share my love for cycling with others. I’ve always enjoyed working with kids, and getting kids to ride bikes makes it that much more exciting! I’ve always been a very active individual and I’m excited to intern with Nine13sports to get a lot more kids active as well!