Nine13sports summer 2016 internship program officially draws to a close at the end of this week. Our staff was once again fortunate to have assembled a group of hard working, personable, and enthusiastic individuals for our internship program. The conclusion of our internship program always is bittersweet for our staff; we’re eager to witness the growth and prosperity the future holds for them, however, at the same time, we’re sad bidding farewell to individuals that we’ve joined forces with over the past several months, in addition to the friendships that were developed over that time frame.

Michael, Claire & Drew have each been a fundamental and remarkable asset to our Kids Riding Bikes® programming, daily blog and social media content, and data collection processes, among others. What’s more, they all brought a distinctive and compelling characteristic to the table that showcased their unique and innovative skill set. Michael, being a avid cyclist at Indiana University, was our handy man this summer in terms of bike mechanics and knowing what to do when something went wrong with the bikes. Furthermore, Claire thought outside of the box and broke out her creative juices to create more appealing blog and social media content. And last, but certainly not least, Drew was the problem solving and idea generator person of the group. Whenever we had a brainstorming session, Drew was always near to voice his thoughts and suggestions.

Summer 2016 Intern Blog

While all of these characteristics are significant and noteworthy, none of them hold any value within our organization if they don’t possess the trait of being genuinely passionate about improving the health and wellness of today’s youth. Without question, all three of them owned this quality and used it to help us get thousands of Kids Riding Bikes at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis, Nora Elementary School, Junior Achievement of Central Indiana, and numerous community events. Additionally, they all acted as a sounding board for our growth and brought a innovative mindset to our team that we utilize to help prevent stagnation.

We’re going to miss Michael, Claire and Drew, however, we take comfort in knowing the value each of them added to our organization and the bright futures that await them. Thank you for not only the positive influence you rendered to thousands of youth this past summer, but also the long lasting and noteworthy impact you had on our organization. You’ll always be a part of the Nine13sports family and never hesitate to reach out to catch up over a cup of coffee or to just say hello.